Advisory Stockbroking

Merrion Private understand that a wealth management service or a pure execution-only stockbroking service may not suit some clients with a short to medium term time horizon who wish to get actively involved in investment decision making. For those clients who meet the suitability criteria, our experienced advisory team together with our analysts are on hand to guide you through the markets, investment solutions and identify both equity and non-equity based investment opportunities.

Regular two-way dialogue is actively encouraged and garners trust and familiarity at both a business and personal level. The building of relationships is of paramount importance to the advisory team and to Merrion Private as a whole. The advisory team has considerable market knowledge and is proactive at communicating ideas as they arise which involves sharing our thoughts on both the buy and sell side. For those sophisticated clients with a greater trading mentality and who have a higher risk/high reward profile, Merrion Private offer CFDs (Contracts for Difference) as a trading option to trade the change in the price of any equity, commodity or market index and so target above average equity market returns. We are never short of ideas or opportunities that are often out of our competitor’s reach.

Our Advisory Stockbroking Service accommodates all types of investors such as personal, corporate, pre retirement and post retirement funds offering expert tailored advice on both short term and long term trading strategies. Whether you are looking to grow your portfolio or create an income stream or both, our Advisory Stockbroking service is on hand to help achieve your goals.


If you are looking for a traditional private client advisory stockbroking service offering advice on international, domestic and locally based investment opportunities, structured products and tax-driven investments, please contact our team today.