Advisory Portfolio Management 

Your investment. Your decisions.

The Merrion Advisory Portfolio Service is designed for the investor who prefers to be actively involved in the decision making process for their investments and who wishes to retain ultimate control over all transactions. At the core of the service is a dedicated portfolio manager who provides you with direct access to Merrion’s investment expertise. The Merrion Advisory Portfolio Service is bespoke to your investment requirements as it enables you to mirror any Merrion Model Portfolio, construct your own portfolio from your own investment ideas or build a hybrid of both.

We are able to be as pro-active or reactive as you determine and can purchase a range of investment instruments from equities, bonds, property, alternative investments and cash management in line with your identified investment objectives and risk profile. We are able to provide objective investment advice and can help you select the most suitable investments from across the globe for your portfolio. Controlled through effective portfolio construction and diversification, risk management is central to our approach as we draw on extensive tools and analytics to ensure alignment with your individual risk profile. The end result is a bespoke, portfolio of investments specifically tailored to cater for your individual requirements and in line with your investment objectives and risk profile.

What are the benefits of an Advisory Account?
  • You will have full access to our Financial Planning Team to ensure your investments are structured around the lifestyle you desire and the hopes and aspirations you have for the future.
  • You will have access to a dedicated portfolio manager who will work with you regularly to manage your account appropriately for your unique risk profile, objectives and personal preferences.
  • Investment ideas are generated by an experienced research team dedicated solely to private clients.
  • Our investment platform caters for both medium and long term investments, as well as those looking for shorter-term investment ideas.
  • You will also be able to discuss any of your own ideas with your investment manager.
  • Investment decisions always require your prior approval.
  • You will have full access to Merrion’s market insights and commentary, focusing on everything from individual company reports to macroeconomic analysis.
  • You will receive regular invites to Investment Presentations.
  • You will have full online access to your account with complete transparency at all times.
  • At the end of the tax year you will receive a consolidated tax pack (upon request).
Fees & Minimum Investments

There is an Annual Management Fee for this service of 1.25% + VAT. Commissions are charged at 1% per transaction with a minimum of €100. The minimum investment amount to open an Advisory Account is €200,000.