Multi Asset Model Portfolios

Merrion Multi-Asset Portfolios are a series of Portfolios that aim to deliver attractive long-term returns by investing in a broad range of asset classes.

To achieve diversification and stability, the Portfolios can invest across equities, bonds, commodities, absolute return funds and property, identifying thematic opportunities, including sectors and special situations.

To ensure cost-efficient management, the Merrion Multi-Asset Portfolios will invest in single securities and low-cost ETFs alongside actively managed Portfolios and specialist strategies, leveraging the expertise of our experienced investment analysts.

Designed to maximise efficiency and unlike collective or pooled investments, the assets within your portfolio remain in your own account.

There is no bid/offer spread or early exit penalty applied when you want to redeem your investment. Investments will be made weekly into the portfolio and there is daily liquidity on exit.

  • Income
  • Balanced
  • Growth