Financial Planning Service

Integrated Financial Advice & Lifestyle Planning

The Merrion Financial Planning Service forms part of our Advisory and Discretionary Service offering. The service is designed and tailored specifically to focus on clients own personal goals and objectives. The benefit of a plan can have a significant impact on both protecting and maximising the value of your investments both now and at retirement.
Is this relevant for you? Ask yourself the following question:

  • Will you be able to achieve your lifestyle goals in retirement?
  • Are you concerned about protecting your existing assets?
  • Could your assets be working harder for you and earning a better return?
  • Are your assets sufficiently diversified to reduce investment risk?
  • Do you want to control your estate and pass on your assets to the next generation?
  • Are your investments set up in the most tax and cost effective manner?

A Financial Plan can help organise and prioritise your personal and financial goals. Through a coordinated goal-based plan, strategies can be implemented in the most cost and tax effective manner. Our service focuses on where your finances are now, what you would like to achieve and what you need to do to get there.

How does it work?

Your Merrion portfolio manager and our team of financial advisors will seek to understand your individual financial position. We work closely with you to identify and prioritise your financial goals. Our aim is to help you organise your investments, pensions and finances, and design a coordinated goal-based strategy which seeks to achieve and maintain your desired Lifestyle. Once the plan is agreed, we will work with you to implement it and subsequently monitor and update it as your personal circumstances change.

As a client of our Advisory or Discretionary service, you will have direct access to in-house investment, pension and financial planning expertise to review and implement your financial plan. The implementation of the plan will be a long-term process of managing your finances to achieve your goals during each stage of your life. The earlier you start the nearer you will be to securing and achieving your desired goals.