Third Party Funds

While Merrion prides itself on the performance of its own funds and portfolios, we acknowledge that we are not experts in all investment areas. Third party funds can be a clever way to gain exposure to various asset classes and geographies while also reducing the overall portfolio risk at the same time. Our fund platform offers private investors access to a huge number of funds, managed by international asset managers such as Pimco, Fidelity, BNY Mellon and Blackrock.

Execution only clients can call up and buy or sell the majority of funds once they have an ISIN. Advisory clients can ask their portfolio manager for a view on a fund or for a recommendation and finally, investors in our multi-asset portfolios will often see some exposure to third party funds in their portfolios if our investment committee feels it is appropriate to do so.
Please call your Portfolio Manager or send a request through our Contact Us function for further information.